Quinces, Wedding Stages! Dj Services and Special Effects

Quinces, Wedding Stages, Dj Services and Special Effects

NytroMen Group

Thank you Leo Pineda and welcome to the 39th Edition of Anmar® Party Magazine Summer 2021 Special Edition on line and print. We really appreciate it.

Welcome to our Summer 2021 Edition

NytroMen Group has LED Robots in Miami, LED Robots in Lexington Kentucky, Tennessee, Cincinnati Ohio, Medellin Colombia, and Chile. We provide the best services possible when it comes to LED Party Robots equipped with CO2, LED Dancers, Professional Dancers, Corporate Robots, Trade Show Robots, Advertising Robots, LED Drummer Robots, CO2 Confetti Canons, Hora Loca Robots and much more! We can incorporate any of our services to any event or venue Nationwide, or International. NytroMen Group has been in business for a long time and has built a strong reputable Trademark name when it comes to LED Robots / Robots in the Industry

Call Now!

National: USA Miami (305)303-9400

Lexington Kentucky (859)619-4800

Int: Medellin Colombia (305)303-9400

Chile (569)61207764

Mention Anmar39 when calling for special discount

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