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Caroline’s commercial ambitions started in her late teens when she single-handedly ran a successful sportswear business in the US, with stockists including Macy’s, Bloomingdales and Saks. In 1991, she returned to the UK and set up her first bespoke bridal boutique in Surrey.  This boutique was a blue print for her future success as she specialised in made to measure, meticulously handcrafted gowns using her signature silhouette style. Since then her business has grown from strength to strength, with six boutiques plus a number of new and exclusive hand-selected stockists based in the UK, plus retailers in the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Japan and Australia.


Caroline Castigliano (Example Q&A)

What did you want to bring to the bridal industry when originally launching your label?
I set up Caroline Castigliano 28 years ago, with the aim of offering beautiful, understated bridal gowns in luxury fabrics. I opened my first boutique in Esher, Surrey which was the first store to work ‘by appointment only’. I was determined to offer a service that just did not exist in the industry at that time. I served Champagne and had one-and-a-half-hour appointments. Needless to say, it was a huge success.

What notable changes in weddings have affected bridalwear in the years that you have been a designer?
There has been so much change! In the past, everyone got married in a registry office or a place of worship. As soon as licences became available so couples could marry anywhere - from a castle to a sandy beach - the attitude towards bridal gown designs completely changed.

What are the key characteristics of a Caroline Castigliano dress?
The main considerations when putting a Caroline Castigliano collection together are silhouettes that will flatter and enhance a bride’s body shape to make her proportions look well-balanced: for her to appear taller, her bust to be curved and shaped, and her waist to be defined. To me the cut of a gown and the movement of the fabric are such a huge part of the beauty of the dress. So, I consider if the foundations are right, if the architecture of the gown is correct, if the movement is beautiful and if the chosen fabrics are luxurious. If the overall answer is yes, then I know I have created a truly stunning gown.

What types of fabrics, colourways and details tend to feature in your collections?
There are a variety of different fabrics that I like to use, from beautiful crepes, which are very fashionable at the moment, to soft, satin faced silk organza. I also have a leaning towards silk Mikado, it’s such a wonderful structured fabric. I search the world for unusual laces and unique materials that will enhance the Castigliano collection.

Tell us a little about your latest collection? This collection is a fusion of classic and modern, sensual yet understated and chic. I have created full ballgown skirts with our classic Castigliano corset which creates the most beautiful lines. There are a variety of crepe gowns that are figure- hugging and on-trend. I have ensured that I have looked after all women with varying silhouettes, and have created on-the- shoulder gowns with deep plunging necklines and strapless gowns for those who love showing their décolletages. I have also continued my theme of layering lace, adding wonderful 3D depth and instant glamour to gowns.

You say that expert corsetry is the foundation of the gowns that you design. What difference does such corsetry make? The difference a corset makes to a gown is enormous. Well- constructed and balanced, the corset will lift the bust and shape the contours of the body, defining the waist and really making a bride feel her most confident. Such structure also makes a bride stand and hold herself well, which makes a huge difference to the photographs and video taken at the wedding when a bride is captured from all angles. I ensure the corsets are cut so that they are super comfortable - this is of the utmost importance.

You also offer couture gowns for brides at your Knightsbridge flagship boutique. Can you tell us how do you go about designing a bespoke bridal dress?
I will sit with my bride for a chat so I can fully understand her wedding day, everything that will be going on and the exciting journey that she is arranging. Once I have a perfect picture and understand the bride’s dress desires, I will ask her to try on a few silhouettes so I can see necklines and different shapes on her. Through discussion I will then make suggestions that I think would work for her and arrange a further meeting when I will have sketches as well as fabrics, beadings and laces to present to her. Designing couture is very much about taking each element of the bride’s vision along with her personality and style and creating that perfect gown. Once the process gets started, we develop a toile and work from there.

What would you say are the main elements a bride should take into account when searching for her dream dress? Always think about the overall feel that you want to create for the day; if you want a soft, romantic look, a contemporary vision or a classic look – it is the final vision that is important. Once that is decided work with an excellent boutique where you will find experts at helping you realise your dream by showing you designs and silhouettes that create exactly what you are looking for, but that also complement your figure.

What is it that you love about designing?  I love developing bespoke gowns for brides. Nothing can beat being a part of the most important day in a girl’s life – what an honour! I am so lucky to do a job I love.



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