New York Times - Camila's Quince Article

Camilas' Quinces Celebration  on the New York Times - Published April 29th, 2021

A look at How we gather Now!

“Having everyone together just kind of made it feel like the times before.”

Between Covid-19 restrictions and economic challenges, there was a moment when Camila Cabrera, 14, and her family thought a quinceañera party was out of the question. “I understood,” Ms. Cabrera said, but it was still “really scary.” She’d been looking forward to the rite of passage ever since she started attending her older cousins’ parties at 6 years old. Her parents also wanted this celebration for her: “It’s very profound and touching,” said her father, Camilo Cabrera. Her party, set for May 1, won’t be exactly as they’d hoped. It will be held at a ranch instead of a salon, with socially distanced tables. Her community lost a number of people to Covid and some relatives, anxious about the virus, will not be present. Ms. Cabrera also said some parents were nervous about letting their children join her court. But at her first dance rehearsal in April, she laughed, twirled and ate Cuban pastelitos with her friends and relatives. “It was really special,” she said. “Having everyone together just kind of made it feel like the times before.”


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