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La Hora Loca - The Crazy Hour

The Crazy Hour, A Rising Trend

 A new trend is rising in the milieu of parties and celebrations and the number of followers is increasingly rising.  The Crazy Hour, an hour of madness, magic and overwhelming joy, filled with images from the invitees who hide their countenances behind a mask or big eye glasses and shake all sorts of noisemakers to produce sharp sounds, this is a full enjoyment where everything is forgotten and everyone gets immersed in the frenzy of the final hour, a wholesome enjoyment before the party is over.  It's awesome that such a trend provides us with such a good time resembling a mini Carnival from Rio or a Mardi Gras season or that summit celebration scene in Paris of the film:  "Moulin Rouge".  There are some establishments which offer such entertaining items for this final hour.  If you wish to present your invitees with a different scene that will be always remembered, offer them a final hour in your party where music, dance and passion for life rebirth.  

Long Live The Crazy Hour, the party goes on!


  Hora Loca, tendencia en ascenso


Se está abriendo paso una tendencia en las fiestas que va ganando adeptos cada día más: La Hora Loca,  hora de locura, magia y desbordante alegría, cargada de imágenes de los asistentes que esconden sus rostros con máscaras o grandes espejuelos y hacen sonar todo tipo de objeto que haga bulla, en fin, diversión total, donde se olvida todo y se entregan al frenesí de la hora final, una locura sana, antes que la fiesta muera.  Qué buena tendencia tener unos espacios de tiempos así, un mini carnaval de Rio, un Mardi Gras, una semejanza de la escena cumbre de la película Molino Rojo en París, ya existen establecimientos donde se ofertan los artículos para esta hora final.  Si quiere darle a sus fiestas o celebraciones, una escena diferente donde todos la recordarán para siempre, propicie una hora final donde la música, el baile y los deseos de vivir, renacen. 

¡Viva la Hora Loca y que prosiga la fiesta!


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Angel's Choreography Angel Diaz Web Site Updated with Kayla's Burlesque Theme 15 Celebrations Videos

Hello Everyone! 
 Ángel Díaz's 
Web Site

Updated with new pictures, and Video clips

Here are Part 1 , 2 and 3 of Kayla's Nicole Perez Burlesque Theme Quince Celebration, a must see!

Thanks AB Memories for sharing the video with us.

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Our Daughter Jainette Quinces Photo Shoot

It is always such a pleasure to work with an amazing team of professionals, thank you Ivonne Photo, Martica and Adonis of AB Memories Video Productions, Make up artist and Stylist Giselle, Zayas Quinceañeras and their respective teams. During our daughter Jainette Quince photo shoot.

These are some of the pics we took, for more pics please visit the gallery at our web site:


151114 Imater Quinceañeras 2015 Event

151114 Imater Quinceañeras 2015 

The Quinceañera Ball can only become a reality when sponsors join forces with us in making this fairytale dream come true. 

IMater Academy Quinceañeras 2015 Final Rehearsal

iMater Quinceañeras 2015 final rehearsal took place last night, here is the entire cast with Angel's Choreography, Angel y Ained Diaz Anmar Party Magazine, Amed Espinosa, Barbara Almaguer, AB Memories Martica and Ivonne from Ivonne Photography


151114 Imater Quinceañeras 2015 Choreography Rehearsal

151114 Imater Quinceañeras 2015

Another very successful  Rehearsal took place last night for the 2015 iMater Quinceañeras,  

their big event coming soon,  

 For more pictures of this rehearsal  please visit the gallery of pictures at 

Quinceañera Barbara Turiño Social Event

Quinceañera Barbara Turiño Social Event


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