160918 VI Annual Showcase - My Deepest Gratitude to all

160918  VI Annual & Exclusive Quinceañera Showcase at the Doral Intercontinental Hotel

Wow! so many pictures, so many compliments, so many reviews, so many text and phone calls  from so many friends and Social Media followers, that I can only say Thank You!!

I also want to give a sincere Thank You to all the vendors and personnel which in a way or another contributed to highlight the show held last Sunday, September 18th, 2016. I want to congratulate the youngsters, from Gaby's Court. they performed spectacularly. To Infinite Sound Productions Tony and his staff, for putting together for the sixth consecutive year such a magnificent Showcase. 

My infinite gratitude to the other professionals who illuminated the good development of the show as the photographer  Rich Ramos of The Perfect Touch Photography , A.B. Memories Video Productions, make-up specialist, Giselle,  Martha Maria and Maritza Martinez , and Anais, Wardrobe consultant stylists Zayas Quinceañeras,  Zayas Tuxedos and Tommy Tuxedos . 

To my talented Assistants Choreographers Cathy Medina , Stephanie Espinosa and Daylene Oliva, to Mr. & Mrs. Elisa & Robert Dean and Lupe Morales for all their support and  help with the court participants. Last but not least to my wife Ained , my daughter Jainette and to my Expo representatives Gisela Rodriguez, Yanais and Hugo Diaz for all their support. 


Congratulations to the winner of the Fifth Front Cover on Anmar® Party Magazine, Ms. Ginesy Valencia of Miami Florida, Ms. Valencia will be turning 16th in the month of March 2017 - Once again Congratulations.

Thank you Barbara Almaguer and Mrs. Luaces for accepting our invitation and  bringing the Imater Quinceañeras 2016 to our show. These girls did wonderfully during the Zayas Quinceañeras Fashion Show.

 A wide spread of pictures will feature on our next Anmar® 28th Edition coming up in December 2016 in time for the Holidays.

 I personally want to thank the following group of youngsters for participating LIVE and doing and amazing job during the live choreography:  Quinceañera:  Gabriela Dean and her partner Brian Garcia, The phantom of the opera  Frank Mena, Tatiana Valdez and Juan Benitez, Jessica Bibbo, Andrew Albuerne, Yaritza Gonzalez, Gabriel Ramirez, Nathalie Fehrenbach, Frank Mena, Joe Boada, Christina Dean, Samantha Fraga, Bradley Swigert and Amanda Bacoy. Mother of the Quinceañera, Elisa Dean special thanks to all the models and also our deepest gratitude again to Elisa Dean and Lupe Morales for all their support.

I, Ángel Díaz, from Angel's Choreography and Anmar® Party Magazine feels very pleased for your participation and commitment. The VIP 6th 15 Show was a complete success thanks to you all. Thanks! And yes we are ready for the 7th Annual VIP 15 Showcase , hundreds of pictures and video clip are already at the gallery of pics at www.angelschoreography.com.  

Celebrando una fiesta de 15 años y nuestras recomendaciones

Celebrando una fiesta de 15 Años?

Pues, queremos brindarle a nuestros lectores esta simples reglas a seguir. Como seleccionar a un coreógrafo/a o a un coordinador. 

Por la demanda que existe en el sur de la florida, es indispensable que usted haga contacto con un coreógrafo/a o coordinador de fiestas al menos dieciocho ( 16 )  meses antes de la fecha escogida para su celebración.

iMater Academy Quinceañeras 2016

iMater Quinceañeras III Event 2016  


A Royal Quinceañera Gala 


Here are the girls soon to be Quinceañeras  and......

The Perfect Color for your Event

The PERFECT Color for your Event!

Happy Spring! The sun is out longer, the flowers are blooming and the grass is definitely greener.......

iMater Academy Quinceañeras 2016

161105-  III - iMater Quinceañeras 2016 

South Florida Elite Vendors Coming Together once again for this Main Event

Dream beyond the Classroom

"A Royal Quinceañeras"


iMater Academy Quinceañeras 2016 - Version en español

161105 - iMater Quinceañeras III Event - "Royal Quinceañeras Gala" / "Gala Real de Quinceañeras"

Los mejores proveedores en el giro de las fiestas del Sur de la Florida se unen de nuevo para este 

Gran Evento Social !


iMater Academy Quinceañeras 2016 First Vendors Meeting

On behalf of Barbara Almaguer of iMater Middle/ High Charter School and myself Angel Diaz of Angel's Choreography we will like to thank the amazing team of vendors that attended our first meeting of iMater Quinceañeras  THANK YOU!!! For your time and great ideas. #teamangelmakingmemories 

Want to be featured in Anmar Party Magazine

Want to be featured in South Florida Exclusive Anmar® Party Magazine?  


Keep Stilt Walking Show

New Elegant 25 minutes Entertainment for Your Event

"The French Royal Family"  

With 6 performers.

Please feel free to contact Soraya on my behalf tell her  I send you

 (305) 336 6235 


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