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Special Advertisement Rates for our upcoming - 32nd, 33rd and 34th 2018 Editions


Special Rate for our upcoming - 32nd, 33rd and 34th 2018 Editions



Special Rate for our upcoming  2018 Editions

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The 8th Annual VIP Quince Showcase at the Dadeland Marriott was a total success!

 Wow! so many pictures, so many compliments, so many reviews, so many text and phone calls from so many friends and Social Media followers, that I can only say Thank You!!

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Review from Christin Blake

Comments : For years I have been a fan of your magazine!!! I remember when it used to be called "fiestas thr party magazine" and always loved y'all them and even still do love y'all now!!! I have been a fan and have been following y'all since 2003 since I was 15!!! Now I am 29 and going to be 30 in August 2018 and throwing a huge "double quinceañera birthday party" and very excited!!! I have planned several events with the help of your services and more!!! Love you all so much and look forward to using y'all to plan my "big huge double Quinceañera birthday extravaganza" for next year!!! Hopefully even be featured in your magazine for my event would be wonderful too!!! Thank you all for all that y'all do and please keep up the very great work!!! Sending you all of Love, hugs and kisses to and for you all!!

Event Design Production

Quinces, Sweet 16's, Catering, Wedding & all kind of events 
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Marais Photography and Boutique

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ISP Quince & Wedding Stages, Welcome to Anmar® Party Magazines 30th Edition

ISP Quince & Wedding Stages, Welcome to Anmar® Party Magazines 30th Edition

Thank you Tony of ISP Quince & Wedding Stages, Dj Production Services

and Special Effects for your continuous support, Anmar® Party Magazines

 really appreciate it!


Tuxedo Center - On Anmar Party Magazine 30th Edition

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 Congratulations on your 44th Anniversary

Holiday Inn Miami West in Hialeah Gardens

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Zayas Quinceañeras

 Thank you Zayas Quinceañeras for your continuous support, we really appreciate it!

and welcome to our 

30th Edition. 


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