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181110 - V iMater Quinceañeras Ball 2018 Gala Event - Spanish Version Announcement

181110 - V iMater Quinceañeras Gala Event - "Evento de Gala  de Quinceañeras 2018"

Este es nuestro quinto año celebrando y haciendo posible el sueño de estas jovencitas una realidad

 Los mejores proveedores en el giro de las fiestas del Sur de la Florida se unen de nuevo para este gran Evento Social ?

Un sueño de hadas más allá del aula que alcance a los estudiantes y que tenga un saldo positivo en jóvenes vidas es la razón por la que  iMater Preparatory Academy continúa ideando nuevos programas que satisfagan el interés individual y cultural de los estudiantes. Entre las muchas actividades ofrecidas, quince 0 dieciséis jovencitas, merecedoras y extraordinarias, serán seleccionadas para celebrar el añorado sueño de ser Quinceañera y que su “Sueño de Hadas” se torne alrededor de una fiesta de Gala. La belleza de estas jóvenes espectaculares reside en su decisión de elevarse por encima del resto a pesar de los circunstancias desafiantes y adversas que han tenido que enfrentar en sus jóvenes vidas.  Además de la selección de las Quinceañeras, la escuela ha seleccionado a 15 0 16 chambelanes quienes las escoltaran elegante y respetuosamente.


181110 - V iMater Quinceañeras Ball 2018 Gala Event Announcement

V iMater Quinceañeras Ball 2018

"May all your dreams have Silver Linings"

The Quinceañera Ball can only become a reality when sponsors join forces  in making this fairytale dream come true. This event coordinators iMater Preparatory School Mrs. Marlene Luaces, Mrs.Gloria Marroquin and the school Principal Mrs. Santalo with South Florida's Elite Vendors as Sponsors such as Angel Diaz of Anmar® Party Magazine have been unconditionally present since the inception of our program 5 years ago and has continuously shown support by becoming the back bone to our amazing event.

Boix Beauty Fragances for Quinceañeras and Sweet 16 Debutant!

Boix Beauty Fragances for Quinceañeras and Sweet 16 Debutant!

Joining our satisfied vendors on this upcoming edition of  Anmar® Party Magazine No 34th Edition

Boix Beauty Fragances for Quinceañeras and Sweet 16 Debutant!

180930 X (10th) VIP Quince Showcase

180930 X (10th) VIP Quince Showcase at the

Doral Intercontinental Hotel

iMater Quinceañeras 2018 Vendors Meeting

A very successful meeting we all had Thursday night at iMater Preparatory School detailing iMater Quinceañeras 2018 event. Thank you to all vendors fort their attendance and the school staff for their time and support to this meeting. Back rows left to right: Choreographer Katherine Sanchez, Lillian LLanos and Sara Diaz of Zayas Quinceañeras and Tuxedos, Marlene Luaces iMater Quinceañeras Coordinator, AB Memories Video Martica Rodriguez, Hair and Makeup artist Alexiys, Angel Diaz assistant and wife Ained Diaz and Hair and Makeup artist Martha Maria. Front row - left to right - Ivette Franqui of Ivonne Photography by Ivette Media, iMater Treasurer Gloria Marraquin, Emcee, Choreographer, Vendor & Event Coordinator Angel Diaz of Angel's Choreography and Anmar ® Party Magazine and Ivonne of Ivonne Photography by Ivette Media , not on this picture but present Maritza's Crafting Memories. Absent: Holiday Inn Catering Director Carmen , Vicky Bakery, Angel's Choreogaphy Assistant Stephanie Espinosa, ISP Tony Music and Stages, Soraya Daid Keep Stilts Walking The French Royal Couple and Rodrigo T-Shirts and all printing needs. Definitely we are Rocking this event! And making 15 young ladies and their families a very special, a night to remember

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Erika & Barbara Rodriguez Quince Video Trailer


"Tim Burton Forest" Theme Quince Celebration 
Erika and Barbara Rodriguez of Mobile, Alabama, spend their 2018 summer vacation  here in Miami, where her 15 Celebration  tooked place last July 13th, 2018

Watch Barbara & Erika Quince Trailer on Vimeo:


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