200126 Coco Plum Showcase Rehearsals

Angel’s Choreography Team last night during one of the choreography rehearsals.

Getting ready, for the LIVE 5  Star Quince and Wedding Choreography been presented LIVE at the Quince and Bridal Showcase on Sunday January 26th, 2020   at The Iconic and Historic Coco Plum Women’s Club  in Coral Gables. Participating: Leydi Paula, Daniel Alonso, Ashley Garcia, Denisse Alvarez, Celia Marroquin, Indarys Quintana, Ignacio Cordova, Isabella Sastre, Briannet Borrego, Luis Depestre, Gabriela McCloud, Gabriel Bran, Rosalie  Placeres, Octavio Cordova, Damarys Alvarez, and Cassandra Hernandez  with choreographers Angel Diaz , Stephanie Fernandez , Katherine Sanchez and Melody Rodriguez – Assisting Ained Diaz,  Frank Fernandez, Gloria Marroquin  and many more, thanks to Juan and Marlene Sastre for allowing us to do the rehearsals at their residence. Best Dancing team.  This group really rocked!  …….LIVE Special Performance Tonito


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