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Wow! We are almost in summer this year 2015, the final figures (15) that concerns and inspires us.  Everything started 15 years ago. And I underline that summer begins and almost start the 23rd edition of Anmar® Magazine Party to be the first of 2015. Welcome to the first edition of 2015 which marks our reason for being what we are with these two final numbers. This edition is very special for us and the numbers 2015 and 15 will be written or drawn up on many occasions during the three editions of this year.  The reason is obvious, 15 is the number that largely represents this publication, and you have made this periodical the most informative magazine for all party needs in general, but especially for the Fifteen Parties.

Since the beginning of the publication of this magazine several years ago, I have never mixed my name Ángel Díaz of Angel's Choreography with that of Ángel Díaz, the editor of Anmar® Party, Xclusive and Teens and Kids Magazine, but this time I'll do it. For several months, I've been getting calls that have been generated since the inception of the magazine and by the recommendations of people who are interested in celebrating the Fifteen Party of his/her daughter. The opening question or sentence is the same when we talk:  "My daughter at the last minute chose the holding of a party,  I have tried to convince her of other options, cruise, travel etc. and nothing works, she wants her Fifteen Party." I have been able to accommodate in my schedule as a choreographer 90% of these calls,  but unfortunately the remaining 10%, has been impossible because the date is already occupied, and I have to be present that day, the great day of the party,  which has been my rule for more than 25 years as a choreographer, and I will keep it. With that said,  I would like that you visit our website: www.angelschoreography.com and www.anmarpartymagazine.com and read the various articles published on this topic  in different categories and also through our blog.

Dates are important and we are in the third cycle, where the number of parties to be celebrated goes up and down, depending on several circumstances and reasons. This has been the trend for over 30 years.  The current trend now is that the number of parties is increasing, being celebrated in large or small scales to comply with this beautiful tradition: the Fifteen Party. Gradually, these parties, large or small, will begin proliferating depending on the budget.  The Fifteen Party will continue being spectacular and very successful if you manage to choose the team that you need for this celebration so that your daughter’s party will always be remembered. Do the planning! When time and efforts are made, undoubtedly your daughter’s Fifteen Party will be a success. I guarantee it!.  Do you know how many times the number 15 and the word fifteen have been written in this editorial? 15 times.

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