How To Find The Right Wedding / Event Planner

How To Find The Right Wedding / Event Planner

By: Angel Diaz

Searching for the right wedding coordinator is an important task not to be taken lightly. During the process of planning your wedding you will be spending a lot of time with this person. It is essential that you like them and can trust them to get the job done right. Your wedding day is an important day in your life, so make sure that the wedding coordinator is willing to make your wedding his/her priority as well.
Follow these simple steps and you will definitely have fun not only during the preparation of your wedding but on your Special day.

How to Find the Right Wedding Planner/ Coordinator

Schedule an initial consultation with the wedding coordinator. At this meeting it is important to get to know the coordinator. Use this meeting to ask enough questions to know whether the two of you can work together successfully.

Ask the wedding coordinator important questions such as how long they have been in the business, how many weddings they do per year and what, if any, certifications they might have.

Discuss your wedding budget and approximate guest list. See if she/he can handle planning a wedding with the number of guests you expect while staying within your budget.

Ask the wedding coordinator about his/her relationships with vendors. See if  he/she receives a referral fees from businesses he/she refers. If you have a preferred wedding venue or any preferred vendors, ask  him/her  if he/she has ever worked with these businesses.

Ask the wedding coordinator for references. This is a good way to find out firsthand if clients were satisfied with his/her services.

Schedule consultations with  several wedding coordinators, so you can be sure to find the best fit. Choose the coordinator that you feel the most comfortable with, and has a good reputation for successfully planning fabulous weddings.

The wedding coordinator plays a very significant role: This person runs the wedding and keeps everything on schedule.

Wedding coordinators have a list of functions on the day of a wedding. They have to make sure deliveries get there on time, decorations are finished, and everyone is where they are supposed to be on time. If there is a problem, they have to solve it quickly.

Your wedding coordinator is involved in all steps of planning your wedding and appropriately meeting your wishes for the big day.

A wedding coordinator keeps you from worrying about the wedding as an event so you can more thoroughly enjoy your wedding.


Your wedding coordinator is there to help you; don't treat him/her like a servant.

We hope that following these easy steps will make your day undoubtedly  a Super Special Day !



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